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C-Anax Ventures and Advisory
C.M. Capital Corporation
C.V. Starr & Co
C.W. Downer & Co.
C&B Capital
CA Capital
Caban Investments
Cabezon Capital Management
Cache Creek Partners
Cadence Bancorp
Cadent Energy Partners
Cadron Creek Capital
Caerus Investment Partners
Caerus Ventures
Cahill Goron &Reindel
Cain Brothers
Caird Capital
Cairn Capital
Cairn Investment Group
Cairngorm Capital
Caixa Capital
Caixa Capital Risc
Caixa D'enginyers
Caja De Burgos
Calamos Investments
CalCef Clean Energy Fund
Calculus Capital
Caledon Capital Management
Caledonia Funds
Calera Capital
California HealthCare Foundation
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
California Technology Ventures
Callais Capital Management
Callan Associates
Callista Private Equity GmbH
Calmwater Capital
Calvert Foundation
Calvert Group
Calvert Street Capital Partners
Calyx Bio-Ventures
Camac Partners
Camber View Partners
Cambia Health Solutions
Cambridge Capital
Cambridge Capital Management Corp.
Cambridge Consultants
Cambridge Trust Company
Cambridge University Entrepreneurs
Camden Partners
Camel Group
Camelot Venture Group
Camp One Ventures
Camp Ventures
Campus Founders Fund
Campus Seoul a Google space
CAN Capital
Canaan Partners
Canaccord Adams
Canada media fund
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund
Canadian Space Agency
Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
Canadian Western Bank
Canal Partners
Candescent Partners
Candriam Investors Group
Canoe Financial
Canrock Ventures
Canso Funds
Cantab Capital Partners
Canterbury Partners
Cantor Fitzgerald
Canvas Ventures
Canyon Bridge
Canyon Creek Capital
Canyon Partners
Cap Innov'Est
Cap Man
CAP Ventures
Cap X Partners
CapDecisif Management
Cape Andover Capital Partners
Cape Securities
Cape Venture Partners
Capier Investments
Capital A Partners
Capital Advisors Group Inc.
Capital Alignment Partners
Capital Angel Network
Capital Area Food Bank
Capital Asset Management Plc
Capital Bank
Capital Bank
Capital Croissance
Capital Dynamics
Capital Enterprise
Capital Factory
Capital First
Capital Fund Management
Capital innovation
Capital Innovators
Capital Invest
Capital Investment Network
Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre
Capital Mills
Capital Nature
Capital One
Capital Partners
Capital R Investments
Capital Resource Partners
Capital Solutions
Capital Southwest Corporation
Capital Stage
Capital Today
Capital Z Partners
Capitala Group
CapitaLand Limited
Capitalia Colombia
Capitas Partners
Capitole Angels
capiton AG
Capmark Finance
Capria Ventures
Capstone Partners
Capvis Equity Partners
Carao Ventures
Carbon Beach Asset Management
Carbon Trust
Carbon Trust
Cardiff International
Cardinal Advisors
Cardinal Capital Partners
Cardinal Health
Cardinal Venture Capital
Cardiovascular Systems
Cardumen Capital SGEIC, S.A.
Carduso Capital
Care Capital
Carillon Capital
Carl Marks
Carl Zeiss
Carlin Investments
Carmel Partners
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Carousel Capital
Carsten Boers
Cartesian Capital Group
Carver Federal Savings Bank
Cary Street Partners
Cascade Angels Fund
Cascade Partners
Cascadia Capital
Castik Capital Partners
Castile Ventures
Castle Harlan
Castle Hill Capital Partners
Castletop Capital
Castor Ventures
Catagonia Ltd.
Catalus Capital
Catalyst Capital
Catalyst Corporate Finance
Catalyst Health Ventures
Catalyst Investors
Catalyst Partners
Catalyst Ventures
Catamount Ventures
Catana Capital
Catapult Advisors
Cate Street Capital
Catena Capital
Cathay Capital
Cava Capital
Cave Creek Capital Management
Caymus Equity
CAZ Investments
Cazenove Private Equity
Cb Insights
CBC Capital
CBC Investment Group
CBPE Capital
Ccmp Capital Advisors, Lp
CCP Equity Partners
CDC Enterprises
CDC Group
CDH Investments
CEA Capital Partners
Cebile Capital
Cedar Capital
Ceder Capital - sweden
Cedro Capital
CEE Equity Partners
Cee Group
CEED - Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development
Ceei Aragon
CEEI Principado de Asturias
CEL Venture Capital
Celerity Partners
Cellular Bioengineering
Celsius Network - The Credit Coin
Celtic Capital
Celtic House Venture Partners
Cenovus Energy
Centana Growth Partners
Centennial Ventures
Center Coast Capital
Center Electric
Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI)
Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI)
Center for the Advancement of Science in Space
Center for Women & Enterprise
Center Oak Partners
Center Point Ventures
Centerbeam Inc.
Centerfield Capital Partners
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
CenterSquare Investment Management
Centerview Capital
Centerview Partner
Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)
Central Bank of Mexico
Central Illinois Angels
Central Research Laboratory
Central Texas Angel Network
Central Working
Centre for Economic Development Transport and the Environment
Centre Lane Partners
Centre Partners
Centrecourt AB
Centric Wealth
Centripetal Capital Partners
Centro Business Angels
Centrum Capital
Century Bridge Capital
Century Link
Century Partners
Cephas Capital
Cequel III
CFG Investment Bank
CFH Beteiligungen GmbH
CH2M Hill
Chailease Finance
Chalmers Innovation
Chalmers Ventures
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland
Chamonix Private Equity
CHAMP Ventures
Champaign County Economic Development Corporation
Champlain Capital Partners LP.
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Changhong Electric Co. Ltd
Chaparal Investments Llc
Chapman, Hext & Co, Pc
Chapwood Investments
Charity Bank
Charles Koch Foundation
Charles River Associates
Charles Schwab
Charles Schwab
Charlesbank Capital Partners
Charleston Angel Partners
Charlotte Angel Fund
Charlotte Street Capital
Charme Capital Partners
Charter Capital Holdings
Charter Capital Partners
Charterhouse Capital Partners
Chartwell Investment Partners
Chartwell Investments
Chase Belgrave
Chasefield Capital
Chatham Capital
Chatur Ideas
Chelsea Management
Chelsfield Partners
Chemical Bank
Chengwei Capital
Chequers Capital
Cherokee And Walker
Cherokee Investment Partners
Cherry Tree
Chesapeake Energy
Cheyne Capital
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Chicago Community Loan Fund
Chicago Growth Partners
Chicago Pacific Founders
Chicagoland Investors
Chiltern Capital
Chilton Capital Management Llc
China Bank of Communications
China Canada Angel Alliance
China CITIC Bank
China Development Industrial Bank (CDIB)
China eCapital
China Everbright Limited
China First Capital
China Growth Capital
China International Trust & Investment Corp
China Investment Corporation
China Merchants Technology Group
China Pacific Insurance
China Renaissance
China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group
China Securities Regulatory Commission
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network
Chiron Point Investment Fund
CHL Medical Partners
Chris Randazzo
Christie Digital
Chrysalis Acquisition Partners
Chrysalis VCT Management
Chrysalis Ventures
Chrysalix Venture Capital
Chuck Johnson
Church & State
Churchill Asset Management
CIC Lyonnaise De Banque
CIC Partners
CIP Capital
Cipio Partners
Circle Peak Capital
Circle Up
Cisneros Group
CIT Group
CITG Capital
CITIC Capital Holdings
Citizen Capital
City Capital Advisors
City Capital Ventures
City Financial
CIVC Partners
Civic Ventures
Civitas Capital
Ck Hutchison
Clairvest Group
Clarion Capital Partners
Clarion Venture Partners
Claris Lifesciences
Claritas Capital
Clarity Partners
Clark Enterprises
Clarkston Consulting
Clarus Securities
Clarus Ventures
Clave Mayor
Clavis Capital Partners
Clayton Associates
Clayton Dubilier & Rice, Llc
Clean Energy Finance Corporation (Cefc)
Clean Energy Trust Challenge
Clean Feet Investors
Clean Tech Partners
Clean Tech.Org
CleanStar Ventures
Cleantech Open
Clear Flow Commercial Finance Corp
Clear Ventures
ClearArc Capital
ClearBridge Investments
ClearLight Partners
Clearly Social Angels
ClearRock Capital LLC
Clearsight Advisors
Clearspring Capital Partners
Clearview Capital Investments
ClearVue Partners
Clearwell Group
Cleveland Capital
Clifford Capital
Clifftop Colony Capital Partners
Climate Fund Managers
Climate-KIC Acceleration Programme (EIT)
Clime Investment Management
Clinical Supplies Management
Clinton Capital Partners
Clinton Group
Clipper Ship Ventures
CLN Group
Close Brothers
Cloud Equity Group
Cloud Scale Capital Partners
Clover Technologies
Clovis Point Capital
CLS Holdings
CLT Joules
Cluj Hub
Clydesdale Ventures
CM Equity Partners
CMB Advisory Pty Ltd
CMF Associates
CMIA Capital Partners
CMP Capital Management-Partners
Co Bank
Co Venture
Co-Creation Hub Nigeria
Co-Operative Bank - UK
Co: Collective
Coady Diemar Partners
Coast Capital Savings
Coastal Enterprises
Cobalt Capital
CoBe Capital
Cocoon Wealth
CODE Advisors
Coent Venture Partners
Cofounders Capital
Cogentrix Energy
Cognite Ventures
Cognitive Capital Partners
Cognitive Corporate Finance
Cogo Labs
Cohen & Company
Cohesive Capital
Cohort Capital
Coi Pharma
Coin Apex
CoinFunded AB
Coker Capital Partners
Colabs Startup Center
Coldstream Capital Management
Collaborative Fund
Collector Bank
Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization
Coller Capital
Collide Village
Colonial Pipeline
Colorado Startup Lawyer
Columbia Bank
Columbia Capital
Columbia Lake Partners
Columbia Pacific Advisors
Columbia University
Columbia Ventures
Columbia West Capital
Columbus Nova
Columbus Venture Capital
Colville Capital
Com Ventures
Comerica Bank
Commercial Bank of Africa
Commitment + Responsibility
Committed Capital
Commodity Capital AG
Common Fund
Common View Capital
Commonwealth Associates
Commonwealth Capital Ventures
Community Bank Na
Como Venture
Company First
Compass Group Equity Partners
Compass Partners
Concentra Bank
Concentric Equity Partners
Concept2Company Ventures
Concord Financial Advisors
Concordant Capital LLC
Concordia Ventures
Conduit Capital Partners
Conector Startup Accelerator
Congruent Investment Partners
Connecticut Innovations
Connection Capital
Connector Capital
Conor Venture Partners
Conquer Accelerator
Conscious Venture Lab
Consonance Capital
Consor Capital
Consort Medical
Constant Capital Partners
Constellation Energy
Consumer Growth Partners
Contango Asset Management
Contender Capital
Continental Bank
Continental Ventures
Continuity Capital
Contour Venture Partners
Contriber Ventures
Converge Venture Partners
Convergence Investment Partners
Convergence Partners
Convergent Capital
Convergent Ventures
Convergent Wealth
Cook Pharmica LLC
Copley Equity Partners
Copper Mobile
Copper River Advisors
Copper Run Capital
Coppermine Capital
Coral Group
Cordiant Capital
Cordillera Investment Partners
Core Capital Partners LLP
Core Industrial
Core Innovation Capital
Coremix Capital
Coretronic Venture Capital
Coriant America
Corinthian Capital
CorLyst LLC
Cormark Securities Inc.
Cornerstone Angels
Cornerstone Capital
CornerStone Partners LLC
Corpfin Capital
Corporación Ventures
Correlation Ventures
Corsair Capital
Corvesta Inc
Costa Asset Management
Costella Kirsch
Cote Capital
Cotton Creek Capital
Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC)
Cottonwood Technology Fund
Coulton Creek Capital
Council Capital
Courage Capital Management
Court Square Ventures
Covington Funds
Cowboy Ventures
Cowles Company
Coworking Salzburg
Cpa Global
Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle)
Craft Silicon
Craig Lifschutz
Craigs Investment Partners
Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn LLC.
Crane Co
Crane Venture Partners
Cranson Capital Securities
Crawley Ventures
Creafund C.V.B.A.
Creathor Ventures
Creation Investments Capital Management LLC
Creative Accelerator
Creative Artists Agency
Creative Destruction Lab
Creative England
Creative Planning
Creativestar Solutions, Inc
Creators Expedition
Crédit Agricole
Credit Agricole CIB
Credit Benchmark
Credit China
Credit Karma
Credit Lines
Credit Mutuel
Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse First Boston
Credo Partners AS
Credo Ventures
Creeris Ventures
Creo Capital Partners
Crescendo Capital Partners
Crescent Capital Group
Crescent Capital Partners
Cressey & Company
Crestlight Ventures
Crestone Capital LLC
Crimson Ventures
Cris De Luca
Critical Mission Consulting
Croda International Plc
Cross Atlantic Capital Partners
Cross Border Angels & Experts
Cross Equity Partners AG
Cross Pacific Capital Partners
Crosslink Capital
Crossroads Venture Group
CrossTechnology Venture Partners
Crosstimbers Capital
Crosswinds Holdings Inc
Crow Holdings
Crow Holdings Capital Partners
Crown Battery
Crown Capital Partners
Crown Castle
CRP Sante
Cryo Life
Crystal Financial
Crystal Stream
CSL Capital Management
CTI Life Sciences Fund
CU Solutions Group
Cube Hydro Partners
Cue Ball
Cultivian Sandbox Ventures
Cure Kids Ventures
Curious Office Partners
Curtis & Porter LLC
Custodi di successo
Cutlass Capital
Cutting Edge Capital
Cvc Capital Partners
Cvf Capital Partners
CVH Holdings
CVM Capital
CVS Health
CW Capital LLC
Cwc Health Tech Advisors
Cx Partners
Cyberport Hong Kong
CyC Capital
Cycle Capital
Cypress Capital
Cypress Growth Capital
Cypress Semiconductor
Cyprium Investment Partners
Cyril Ebersweiler
Cyrus Capital Partners

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