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M Capital Partners
M-1 Ventures
M.D. Sass
M.M. Dillon & Co.
M&A Capital
M25 Group
M31 Italia Srl
MacArthur Foundation
Macate Group
Mackenzie Investments
Mackie Research Capital
Macklin Enterprise Partnerships
Macnica Ventures
Macquarie Generation
Macquarie Group
Macromac Ventures
Maddie's Fund
Made In Jlm
Madison Alley Global Ventures
Madison Bay Capital Partners
Madison Street Capital
Madrona Venture Group
Magellan Bioscience Group
Magellan Financial Group
Magenta Partners
Magister Advisors
Magma Venture Capital
Magnate Capital Partners, Llc
Magnetar Capital
MagneticOne Ventures
Magnitude Capital
Magnivia Ventures
Magnolia Capital
Maher Capital
Maiden Lane Ventures
Main Capital Partners
Main Incubator
Main Street Advisors
Main Street Capital
Main Street Capital Holdings LLC
Main Street Resources
Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development
Maine Venture Fund
Mainline Investment Partners
Mainsail Partners
Makena Capital Management
Malabar Investment Advisors
Malaga Bussines Angels
Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad
Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund
Mallin Venture
Man Financial
Management Angels
Manchester Capital
Manchester Entrepreneurs
Mandarin Capital Partners
Mandell Ventures
Mango Fund
Mangrove Equity Partners
Manhattan Venture Partners
Manna Capital Management
Mannerheim Invest
Mannheim Business Angels
Manos Accelerator
Mantucket Capital Management Corporation
Manutara Ventures
MAPE Advisory Group
Maple Leaf Angels
MAPS Capital Management
Marathon Asset Management
Maravon GmbH
Marcelo Gigliani
Marconi Corporation plc
Marcus Partners
MAREX Financial
Marin Investments
Mariposa Capital Management LLC
Maris Africa
Marker Hill Capital
Market Street Partners
Markmel Company
Marlin Equity Partners
Marriott International
MaRS Innovation (MI)
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Marshfield Associates
Martin Currie
Martin Giura
Martin Ventures
Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE)
MAS Financial Services Ltd.
MaSa Partners
Mass Medical Angels
Mass Tech
Massachusetts Capital Resource Company
Massachusetts Life Sciences Center
Massey Quick Simon
Masthead Venture Partners
Matamba Anonaka Technology Holdings
Matchstick Ventures
Mateva Capital, Llc
MatlinPatterson Global Advisers LLC
Maton Ventures
Matrix Partners
Matrix Partners China
Matt Hagger
Matt Krna
Matterhorn Capital
Maumee Ventures
Mauritius Startup Incubator
Maven Capital Partners
Maverick Angels
Maverick Capital
Mawer Investment Management Ltd.
Max Clark
Max Planck Innovation
Maxam Capital
Maxam Opportunities Fund LP
Maxbank - A Thrift Bank
Maxim Commercial Capital
Maxim Group
May River Capital
Mayfair Capital
Maywic Select Invsestments
MB Financial
MB Funds
MB Venture Partners
MBF Healthcare Partners
MBG Baden Wuerttemberg
MBG Schleswig-Holstein
Mbk Partners
Mc Carthy Capital
McConnell Foundation
McCourt Global
McDonald Partners
MCG Capital
MCI Capital SA
McKesson Ventures
McKinley Capital Partners
MCM Capital Partners
McNally Capital
McNamara Family Ventures
McRock Capital
Mcube Interrnational
MD Capital
MDA Venture Philanthropy
MDB Capital Group
MDC Partners
MDC Ventures (formerly KBS Ventures)
MDN Group
Meakem Becker Venture Capital
Mechanics Bank
Med Tech Innovator
MedCap Advisors
Media Deals
Media Funding Group
Media Link
Media Ventures
Medica Partners
Medical Credit Fund
Medical Technology Industry
Medina Capital
Mediobanca Banca di Credito Finanziario S.p.A.
Mediphase Venture Partners
MedTech Innovation Partners
Medu Capital
Mega International Commercial Bank
Meidlinger Partners
Meir Ukeles
Mekong Business Initiative
Mekong Capital
Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST)
Memphis Bioworks Foundation
Mendoza Ventures
Menlo Ventures
Menorca Millennials
MenschDanke Capital GmbH
Menterra Venture Advisors
Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR)
Mercato Partners
Mercatus Capital
Merced Capital
Mercedes-Benz USA
Mercer Advisors
Mercia Fund Management
Mercia Technologies
Merck Ventures
Merck Ventures
Mercury Fund
Mercury Partners
Mercury Partners Inc.
Merge Lane
Mergence Im
Meridia Capital
Meridian 105
Meridian Capital
Meridian Capital China
Meridian Energy USA
Meridian General
Meridian Management Group
Meridian Marketing Services
Merino Private Equity
Merion Investment Partners
Merit Capital Partners
Merit Harbor Group
Meritage Funds
Meritech Capital Partners
Meriten Investment Management
Merlin Securities
Merrill Lynch
Merriman Holdings
Merritt Community Capital Corporation
Meruelo Group
Mesa Ventures
Mesa West Capital
Mesirow Financial
Meson Capital
MetaProp NYC
Metaps Inc.
Metier Private Equity
Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF)
Metric Capital Partners
Metropolitan Capital
Metxa Accelerator
Mezzanine Management
MFG Partners
MFS Investment Management
MI3 Communication Financiere
Mic AG
Michael Dempsey
Michaelson Capital Partners
Michigan Income and Principal-Protected Growth Fund LP
Microfinance Ireland
Micromax Informatics
Micron Ventures
Microsoft Imagine Business Lab
Mid Cap Financial
Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP)
Middleburg Capital Development
Middleton Enterprises
Midland Bank Plc
MidMark Capital
MidMarket Capital Inc.
MidOcean Partners
Midtown Partners
Midwest Growth Partners
Midwest Mezzanine Funds
Mike Jackson
Mike Volpe
Milcom Venture Partners
Milestone Capital
Milestone Capital Advisors
Milestone Partners
Milford Asset Management
Mill Creek Capital Advisors
Mill Point Capital
Mill Road Capital
Millennium Global ™
Millennium Management
Miller Buckfire
Miller Investment Management
Miller Value Partners
Millpond Equity Partners
Millstein & Co
Millstone Capital Partners
Mimir Capital
Mimosa Tree Capital Partners
Mina Mar Group
MindWorks Ventures
Mineworkers Investment
Mingxin China Growth Fund
Mink Capital
Mint Capital
Mirabaud Securities LLP
Miracle Ventures
Mirae Asset
Miramar Ventures
Misgav Technology Center
Mission Bay Capital
Mission Driven Finance
Mission Investors Exchange
Mission Ventures
Missouri Innovation Center
Mistral Equity Partners
MITA Ventures
Mita Ventures Llc
Mitchell Harper
Mithril Capital Management
Mitsubishi Corporation
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
Mitsui & Co. Global Investment
Miura Private Equity
MizMaa Ventures
MK Capital
Mkb Fintechlab
MLV & Co.
MMC Ventures
MMG Capital
MML Capital Partners
MML Growth Capital Partners Ireland
MMV Capital Partners
MNC Group
Mobeus Equity Partners
Mobile Ventures
Mobile World Capital
Mobility Ventures
Mobio Technologies
Modern Holdings
Moderne Ventures
Moelis & Company
Mohr Davidow Ventures
Mojo Capital
Momenta Partners
Momentum Capital
Momentum Capital
Momentum Venture Management
Monarch Lp
Moneta Ventures
MoneyTime Ventures
Monogram Capital Partners
Monomoy Capital Partners
Monroe Capital
Monsoon Capital
Montage Ventures
Montgomery & Co
Montreux Capital Management
Montreux Equity Partners
Monument Capital Partners
Moonshots Capital
Moore Capital
Moore Venture Partners
Morgan Creek
Morgan Partners
Morgenthaler Ventures
Morningside Group
Morningside Venture Capital
Morris Kahn
Morrison Financial Services Limited
Morrison Street Capital
Mosaic Capital
Mosaic Capital Corporation
Mosaic Capital Partners
Mosaic Capital Partners
Mosaic Investments
Mosaic Private Equity
Mosaic Ventures
Motilal Oswal Venture Capital Advisors
Mount Parker Ventures
Mount Sinai Ventures
Mountain Group Partners
Mountaingate Capital
Mozaik Impact Fund
MP Healthcare Venture Management
Mp Star Financial
Mpe Partners
MPG Equity Partners LLC
MPK Equity Partners
MPM Capital
Mr Youth
MSD Capital
MSouth Equity Partners
MTS Health Partners
Mugar Enterprises
Multiples Equity
Multiplier Capital
Mumbai Angels
Munich Business Angel Network
Murphree Venture Partners
Musa Capital
MUSST Investments
Mutual Capital Partners
Mutual Funds
Muzinich & Co
MVM Life Science Partners
MVP Capital
My Micro Invest
Myriad Capital

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  • Focus on Biotech Brands
  • Purchasing volume €368 mln/year
  • 75 Countries
  • 100% distribution exclusivity