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R Evo Biologics
R.F. Lafferty & Co. Inc.
R.W. Pressprich & Co
R4 Capital
R7 Partners
RA Capital Advisors LLC
RAD BioMed Accelerator
RAD Ventures
Rad Web Technologies
Radar Capital
Radian Capital
Radicle Impact
Radium Hospital Research Foundation
Radius Equity
Radius Ventures
Raf Industries
Raiffeisenbank A.S.
Rain Maker Securities
RAIN Source Capital
Rainbow Medical Ltd.
Rainbow Seed Fund
Raine Partners
Ramius Advisors
Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd.
Ranch Ventures
Rancilio Cube
Rand Capital
Range Light (rebranded to RIDGELINE VENTURES in 2017)
Raptor Group
Rare Seed Capital
Rasmuson Foundation
Raven Capital
Ravinia Capital
Raw Capital Partners
Ray Mignone
Raymond James
RBC Capital Markets
RBC Dominion Securities
Rcg Ventures
RCP Advisors
RCP Holdings
Rd Capital Partners
Reach Capital
Ready Set Startup
Real Capital Analytics
Real Estate
Real Networks
Real Ventures
RealOp Investments
Realty Mogul
Rebright Partners
Red Abbey Venture Partners
Red Cedar Ventures
Red Dot Ventures
Red Fort Capital
Red House Associates
Red Rocket Ventures
Red Sea Ventures
Red Sky Capital Management
Red Stone Equity Partners
Red Ventures
Redalpine Venture Partners
RedBird Capital Partners
Redhills Ventures Llc
Redmont Capital
Redpoint Capital Group
RedSeed Ventures
Redstar Ventures
Redstone Investments
Redwood Asset Management
Redwood Valuation Partners
Rees Capital
Refinery Ventures
Regal Funds Management
Regimen Equity Partners
Reimagine Food
Reimagine Holdings Group
Reinventure Capital
Reinventure Group
Relay Foundation
Relay Investments
Relay Ventures
Relentless Pursuit Partners
Reliance Jio Digital India Startup Fund
Relx Group Plc
REMARQ Corporation
Renaissance Securities (Cyprus) Limited
RenaissanceRe Holdings
Renatus Capital Partners
Renaud Laplanche
Renewable Automation Index
Renewable Energy Trust Capital
Renewable Tech Ventures
Renewal Funds
Renoir Partners
Renovus Capital Partners
Repsol Energy Ventures
Republic Financial Corporation
Research Corporation Technologies
Research Valley Funds
Reseau Capital
Resolute Capital Partners
Resolution Capital
Resolving A Problem
Resonance Asset Management
Resonant Venture Partners
Resource Capital Corp
Resource Partners
Responder Ventures
Respons Ability
Results International
Resurgens Technology Partners
Rethink Impact
Rev1 Ventures
Revel Partners
Revelry Brands
Revelstoke Capital Partners
Reverence Capital Partners
Revolution Capital Group
Revolution Partners
Revolution Ventures
Revtech Accelerator
RFE Investment Partners
Rg Capital
RGL Holdings Ltd.
Rheingau Founders
Rhone-Alpes Creation
Rhythm Venture Capital
Rialto Capital Management
Riata Capital Group
Ricardo C. Berrios
Richard Taylor
Richardson Capital
Richardson Financial Group
Rick Klau
Ricoh Innovations
Ricoh Ventures
Ridge Capital
Ridgemont Equity Partners
Ridgetop Capital
Ridgeview Capital
Ridgeway Capital
Ridgewood Capital
RidgeWorth Investments
Rigby Group Investments
Right Click Capital
RIMU Group
Rinascimenti Sociali
Riomar Capital
Riordan Lewis & Haden Equity Partners
Rising Ventures
Risk Capital Partners
Risky Business Ventures
Rite Ventures
Rive Private Investment
River Associates Llc
River Bank America
River Cities Capital Funds
River City Bank
River Valley Investors
RiverBridge Investment Advisors Private Limited
Riverfront Ventures
Riverlake Partners
RiverNorth Capital Management
Rivers Capital Partners
Riversands Incubation Hub
Riverside Company
Riverside Management Group
Riverside Partners
Riviera Finance
Riyad Bank
Rizk Ventures
Rjd Partners
RK Equity Group
RLJ Credit Management
RMB Capital
Roark Capital Group
Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC)
Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC)
Robertson Stephens Partners
Robin Hood Ventures
ROCA Partners
Roche Venture Fund
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rock Creek Capital
Rock Gate Partners
Rock Hill Capital Group
Rock Island Capital
RockBridge Capital Partners
Rockbridge Growth Equity
Rockefeller & Co.
Rocket Internet
Rocket Ventures
Rockfish Brand Ventures
Rockies Venture Club
Rockland Capital
Rockley Ventures
Rockpool Investments
Rockshield Capital
Rockstart Impact
RockWood Equity Partners
Rockwood Private Equity
Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association
Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz
Roger Chabra
Rokk3r Fuel EXO
Romanian-American Enterprise Fund
Romulus Capital
Rond Capital
Root Capital
Root Capital LLP
Root Ventures
Ropart Asset Management
Rose Capital Advisors
Rose Paul Ventures
Rose Tech Ventures
Roser Ventures
Rosewood Corporation
Roth Capital Partners
Rothenberg Ventures
Rothschild R Capital
Rotonda Investor Office GmbH
Rouge River Capital
Rough Draft Ventures
Round Hill Capital
Round Table Investment Management
RoundGlass Partners
RoundTable Healthcare Partners
Royal Bank America
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal London Group
Royal Majestics
Royalty Pharma
Roynat Equity Partners
RP Capital Group
RP Partners
RP Ventures
RR Donnelley & Sons
RRE Ventures
RSE Ventures
RSF Social Finance
RTL Group
RTL Ventures
Rubenstein Partners
Rudolf Wolff
Rudyard Partners LLC
Ruffena Capital
Rural American Fund
Russell Investments
Russia-China Investment Fund.
Russian Direct Investment Fund
Russian Venture Company Seed Fund
Rustic Canyon Partners
Rutland Partners
RVC Seed Fund
Rwanda Investment Group
Rwc Partners
Ryerson Futures

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  • Focus on Biotech Brands
  • Purchasing volume €368 mln/year
  • 75 Countries
  • 100% distribution exclusivity