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D Iventures
D-Ax Corporate Venture Capital
D-RAFT Corporate Accelerator
D5 Capital
Da Vinci Capital
DAG Ventures
DAK Capital
Dakota Capital Partners
Dakota Venture Group
Dallas Fort Work
Dallas Venture Partners
Dalmore Capital
Dalus Capital
Damac Products
Daman Investments
Damien Tanner
Damir Becirovic
Dan Carroll
Dan Engel
Dan Martell
Dan Von Kohorn
Danforth Advisors
Danfoss Ventures
Daniel Cane
Daniel S. Loeb
Danmarks Nationalbank
Danske Bank
Dar Group
Dark Horse Investment
Darling Ventures
Darrin Ginsberg
Darwin Ventures
DASAN Networks
Dasym Investment Strategies
Data Point Capital
Dauk/Wagner Investments
Dave Girgenti
Dave Munichiello
Davenport Resources
David A. Noyes & Co
David Elkington
David Hickson
David Perry
David Phillips
David Velez
Davidson Kempner Capital Management
Davidson Technology Growth Debt Fund
Davis Tuttle Venture Partners
Dawn Capital
Dawson James Securities
Day One Capital Fund Management
DAYLI Financial Group
DBH Group
DBL Partners
DBS HotSpot
DC Advisory
Dc Capital Partners
DC Community Ventures
DCM Ventures
DDJ Capital Management
De Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij
De Na
De Silva+Phillips Llc
Deakin University
DeBere Capital Partners
Debiopharm Group
Deborah Jackson
Decathlon Capital Partners
Decheng Capital
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals
Deep Fork Capital
Deepbridge Capital
Degroof Petercam
Delaney Capital
Delavaco Capital
Delin Capital
Delivery Hero
Delos Capital
Delphi Automotive PLC
Delta Air Lines
Delta Asset Management
Delta Electronics Capital
Delta Partners
Delta Partners Capital Limited
Delta Point Capital Partners
Delta Ventures
Demeter Partners
Dendera Ventures
Denham Capital
Denny Hill Capital
DeNovo Ventures
Dentsu Aegis Network
Denver Investments
Dépôt De Fichiers Cttm
Descartes Systems Group
Desert Angels
Deshpande Foundation
Design Council Spark
Detroit Venture Partners
Deutsche Balaton
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Beteiligungs
Deutsche Post
Deutsche Post DHL
Deutsche Startups
Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners
Developing World Markets
Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)
Development Bank of Wales
Development Capital
DeVry EdTech Incubator
Dewan Housing Finance
Dexia Ventures
DFG Investment Advisers Inc.
DFW Capital
DGF Investimentos
DH Capital
DHI Group Inc.
Di Michael Altrichter
Diagnostic Capital
Diamond Bank
Diamond BioFund
Diamondhead Ventures
Diana Capital
Didi Chuxing
Digital Capital Advisors
Digital Catalyst Fund
Digital Developers Fund
Digital Health Ventures / DHV Management GmbH
Digital Impact
Digital Magics
Digital News Ventures (MDIF Fund)
Digital Pioneers
Digital Sandbox KC
Digital Science
digital switzerland
Digital+ Partners
DigitalHealth.London Accelerator
DIH Deutsche Industrie-Holding GmbH
Dinan & Company
Direct Capital Private Equity
Direct Energie
Direct Group
Direct Lending Investments
Directed Capital
Dirigo Advisors
Discover PreAccelerator
Discovery Capital
Discovery Investment Fund
Discovery Parks
Disruptive Capital Finance
Disruptive Technologies
Distill Ventures
District 5 Investments
District Ventures Capital
Divergent Ventures
Diversified Communications
Diversis Capital
Divine Capital Markets
Divitas Capital
Dixon Doll
Dixon Hughes Goodman Llp
DMC Capital Funding
Dmi Finance
Dn Capital
Dna Cascais
Dns Capital
DOB Equity
Dobbs Equity Partners
Docklands Innovation
Dogfish Accelerator
Dogpatch Labs
Dolby Family Ventures
Domain Associates
Domain Therapeutics
Domi Ventures
Domini Social Investments LLC.
Dominion Resources Innovation Center
Dominion Ventures
Don't Panic Labs
Donna Harris
Dorchester Capital
Dorilton Capital
Dorset Business Angels
Dos Rios Partners
Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures
Douglas E. Onsi
Dov Yarkoni
Dovi Frances
Dow Corning
Down 2 Earth Capital
Downing LLP
DPE Deutsche Private Equity
Dragon Capital
Dragon Global
Dragon Ventures Management
Draper & Associates
Draper Associates
Draper Dragon
Draper Dragon Fund III
Draper Nexus Ventures
Draper Oakwood
Dreamlab Finance
DRI Capital
Driehaus Private Equity
Drive Capital
DSA Invest
DSM Venturing
DSP Blackrock
DST Systems
DT Capital Partners
DTA Capital Partners Sdn. Bhd.
Dubai International Capital
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
Dubin Clark
Dublin Business Innovation Centre
Duff Ackerman & Goodrich
Dundee Capital Markets
Dundee Sarea
Dunedin Capital Partners
DuPont Ventures
Dutch Expansion Capital
Dutch Technology Foundation STW
Dutchess Capital
Duxx Investimentos
Dv H Ventures
Dvb Bank Se
DW Healthcare Partners
DWS investment
Dyad Partners
Dyadic International
Dyal Capital Partners
Dynamic Technology Lab
Dynasty Financial Partners
Dynex Capital

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  • Focus Only on Best-Aging Products; 
  • Purchasing volume over EUR 368 million a year;
  • 75 Countries are covered;
  • 100% distribution exclusivity;
  • Also co-own and own brands.