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G+J Digital Ventures
G2 Startups
Gabriel – Investment Syndicate
Gaia Real Estate
GAIN Capital
Gaja Capital
Galan Consultores
Galeb Group
Galen Partners
Galia Gestion
Galliard Homes
GAMCO Investors Inc.
Gamma Capital Partners
GAN Ventures
GAP Capital Fund I
Garage Technology Ventures
Garage48 Foundation
Garber Venture Capital Fund
Gargash Enterprises
Garibaldi Capital Advisors
Garrison Investment Group
Garrison Point Capital
Gartmore Investment Management
Gaspar Global Ventures
Gateway Ventures
Gauge Capital
GAWA Capital
Gazelle Lab
GBS Ventures
GBS/CIDP Foundation International
Gca Altium
Gca Global
GCI Capital Co. Ltd.
GCP Capital Partners
GE Appliances
GE Capital
GE Digital
GE Healthcare
GE Ventures
Gecad Ventures
Gem Financial Advisors
Gema Ventures
Gemini Investors
Gemini Israel Ventures
Gemma Frisius Fund KU Leuven
Gemspring Capital
Gen Cap America
Gen II Fund Services
General Assembly
General Atlantic
General Mills
General Mobile Corporation
General Motors
Generali Financial Holding
Generate Ventures
Generation Capital
Generation Equity Investors
Generation Growth Capital
Generation Investment Management
Generation Partners
Generis Capital Partners
Genesee Capital
Genesis Business Centers
Genesis Capital
Genesis Capital s.r.o.
Genesys Venture
Geneva Cantonal Bank
Geneva Glen Capital
GENIUS Venture Capital
GenNx360 Capital Partners
Genome Canada
Genstar Capital
GENTIANE Participations
Genting Berhad
Genuity Capital Markets
Geoff Pritchard
Geolo Capital
Georg Fischer
George King20
George Krautzel
George Weston Limited
Georgia Research Alliance
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Georgian Angel Network
Georgian Partners
Gera Venture Capital
Gerber Finance
Gerbera Capital
Gerken Capital Associates
German Accelerator
German Startups Group
Gerri Elliott
Gf Capital Management & Advisors
GFI Group
Gft Technologies Se
Ggv Capital
Gho Capital
GHV Accelerator
GI Partners
Gibraltar Business Capital
GIL Investments
Gilde Buy Out Partners
Gilead Group
Gili Raanan
Gin Venture Capital
Girls Ventures
Gj Incubator Center
Gladstone Companies
Glasswing Ventures
Gleacher Capital Partners
Glenbrook Partners
Glencoe Capital
glendonTodd Capital
Gleneagles Securities
Glennmont Partners
GlenRock Israel
Glezco Asesores Y Consultores
GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)
GLG Partners
GLI Finance
Glide Capital
Glide Innovation Fund
Glilot Capital Partners
Global Access
Global Advisors
Global AgInvesting
Global Alliance for Genomics & Health
Global Bank
Global Catalyst Partners
Global Endowment Management
Global Environment Fund Management
Global Fashion Group
Global Fund Investments
Global H2O Investments
Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF)
Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP)
Global Innovation Fund
Global Investment Technologies
Global Jet Capital
Global Maxfin Capital Inc
Global Partnerships/Eleos Social Venture Fund
Global Philanthropic
Global Private Equity Group LLC.
Global Reach Partners
Global Reserve Group
Global Startup Ecosystem
Global TechInnovations
Global Technology Transfer Group
Globalance Bank
Globalive Capital Inc
Globe Tax Services Inc.
Globex Capital Funding
Glouston Capital Partners
Glu Mobile
Gmb Mezzanine Capital
GMK Holdings
GMP Capital
GMP Securities
GMT Communications Partners
Go Beyond
Go Silicon Valley
Go Tech
Goal Structured Solutions
Godrej Properties
Gogreen Capital
GoKart Ventures
Gold Standard Ventures Corp
Gold Ventures Incubator
Golden Angels Investors
Golden Apple Ventures
Golden Capital Management
Golden Gate Capital
Golden Gate Ventures
Golden Pacific Capital
Golden Seeds
Golden Tree
Golden Triangle Angel Network
Goldin Ventures
Golding Capital Partners
Goldis Bhd.
Goldman Sachs
Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison
Golub Capital
Goode Partners
Goodworks Ventures
Gordon Brothers Group
Gothia Innovation AB
Gould Investments
Govin Capital
GP Bullhound
GP Investments
Gp Ventures
GPB Capital Holdings
Gradiente Sgr
Graham Capital Management
Graham Holdings
Graham Media Group
Graham Partners
Grameen America
Gramercy Funds Management
Grand Coast Capital Group
Grand Sud Ouest Capital
Grandeur Peak International
Grandpoint Bank
Grandview Capital Management
Granite Creek Partners
Granite Hill Capital Partners
Granite Partners
Granite Point Capital
Granite State Angels
Granite Ventures
Grant Samuel Funds Management
Graph Ventures
Graphite Capital
Grassroots Business Fund
Grassroots Capital Management
Grassy Creek Ventures
Gratitude Railroad
Gravitas Securities
Gray Ghost Ventures
Graycliff Partners
Grc Sinogreen
Great American Capital Partners
Great Pacific Capital
Great Point Partners
Great Range Capital
Great Rock Capital
Great Western Financial
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Greater Houston Partnership
Greater Manchester Investment Fund
Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT)
GreatPoint Ventures
Green Acre Capital
Green Alley Investment
Green Arrow Capital Management
Green Bank
Green Capital
Green Courte Partners
Green D Ventures
Green Egg Ventures
Green Hill Partners
Green Park & Golf Ventures
Green Peak Partners
Green Rocket
Green Street Advisors
Green Tech Challenge
Green Visor Capital
Greenangel Energy
GreenCentre Canada
Greencoat Partners
Greenfield Capital Partners
Greenhill Capital Partners
Greenhouse Accelerator
Greenhouse Capital Partners
Greenhouse Ventures
Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Limited
Greenline Ventures
GreenOak Real Estate
Greenpoint Funds
Greenridge Investment Partners
GreenSky Capital
GreenSoil Investments
Greensphere Capital
Greenstone Equity Partners
GreenTec Capital Partners
Greentech Capital Advisors
Greenwich Associates
Greenwich Capital Group
Greer Capital Advisors
Grenoble Angels
Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp.
Grey Healthcare Group
Grey Mountain Partners
Grey Rock Energy Partners
GreyBird Ventures
Greybull Stewardship
Greylock Partners
Greyrock Capital
Grg Capital
Gridiron Capital
Gries Investment Funds
Griffin Accelerator
Griffin Capital Corporation
Grit Labs
Grocery Accelerator
Grosvenor Group
Grotech Ventures
Groundswell Investments
Groupe Aeroplan
Groupe Alten
Groupe Ird
Groupe Verspieren
Grouse Ridge Capital
Grove Cm
Grow Condos Inc.
Grow Utah Ventures
Grow Wellington
Growing Capital
Growing Investors
Growth Capital
Growth Capital
Growth Capital Partners
Growth Capital Ventures
Growth Street Partners
GrowX Venture Management
Grupo Financiero Actinver
Grupo Zriser
Gryphon Partners
GSO Capital Partners
Gsr Ventures
GSTC Health Innovations
Gsv Acceleration
Gsv Asset Management
GT Securities
GU Ventures
Guaranty Bancorp
Guardian Capital Partners
Guerrilla Ventures
Guggenheim Partners
Guida Invest Oy
Guide Ventures
Guidon Partners
Gulf Capital
Gulf Coast RCIC
Gulf International Bank B.S.C.
Gunderson Dettmer
Gungin Business Support Fund
GunnAllen Venture Partners
Guy Hands’ View
Gylling Investment AB

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  • Focus on Biotech Brands
  • Purchasing volume €368 mln/year
  • 75 Countries
  • 100% distribution exclusivity