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K Fund
K Partners
K2 Capital Group
K9 Ventures
Kae Capital
Kain Capital
Kairos Ventures
Kaiser Family Foundation
Kaiwu Capital
Kaizen Private Equity
Kansas Venture Capital
Karis Capital
Karmijn Kapitaal
Karter Capital Group
Katalysator AS
Kauffman Foundation
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors
Kazimir Partners
Kbc Securities Nv
KBI Biopharma
KD Capital L.L.C
Kdb Infra
KDC Media Fund
Kearny Venture Partners
KEC Ventures
Kedaara Capital
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods
Keel Funds
KEEN Growth Capital
Keen Venture Partners
Keensight Capital
Kegonsa Capital Partners
Keiretsu Capital
Keiretsu Forum
Keiretsu Forum
Keiretsu Forum Mid Atlantic
Kell Partners
Keller Enterprises
Kellett Investment
Kelly Investments
Kelso & Company
KEMBA Financial Credit Union
Ken Cron
Kenmont Solutions Capital
Kennet Partners
Kensington Capital Partners
Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation
Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC)
Keppel DC REIT
Kerala Ventures
Kerrisdale Capital Management
Kestrel Capital
Kevin Wimer
Key Capital Partners
Key Fund
Keybridge Venture Partners
KeySpan Energy
Keystone Capital
KFH Capital
KfW Bankengruppe
KGC Capital
KGI Venture Capital
Khazanah Nasional
Khosla Ventures
Kickstart Accelerator
Kickstart Ventures
Kidd & Company
Kiddar Capital
Kikka Capital
Kilkenny CEB
Killick Capital
Killik & Co
Kilmer Capital
Kima Ventures
Kimmeridge Energy
Kin Capital
Kin Yat Holding
Kinderhook Industries
Kinea Investimentos Ltda
Kinetic Ventures
King Abdullah Economic City
King And Bay
King Street Partners
Kingdon Capital
Kingsbury Ventures Limited
Kingspan Group
Kingsway Financial Services Inc.
Kingswood Capital Management
Kirchner Food Fellowship
Kirk Kapital A
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Kirtland Capital
Kisskissbankbank Technologies
Kistefos Venture Capital
KIT Capital
Kitchen Budapest
Kiwi Tech
KJK Capital
KK Fund
Kla Tencor
Klarman Family Foundation
Klass Capital
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
KLH Capital
Kline Hill Partners Fund Lp
Klingenstein Fields & Co
Klister Credit
KLM Capital Group
KMS Technology
Knight Foundation
Koch Capital
Koch Industries
Kodak Alaris
Kodiak Capital Group
Kodiak Venture Partners
Koehler Paper Group
Koha Capital
Kohli Ventures
Kohlmann & Co Ag
KomercnI Banka
Kone Oyj
Kongsberg Gruppen
Koolen & Partners
Kopernik Global Investors
Kopin Corporation
KOR Group
Korea Development Bank
Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development
Korn Ferry
Kosmos Energy Ltd.
Kosmos Innovation Center Business Booster
Kozo Keikaku Engineering
KPIT Technologies
KPS Capital
Krauter & Company
Kreos Capital
KRG Capital Partners
Krohne Group
Krokus Private Equity
KSL Capital Partners
KT Capital Partners
KTECH Capital
KTH Chalmers Capital
KTM Ventures Innovation Fund
KTR Capital Partners
Kubide BA
Kudelski Group
Kudu Investment Management
Kuju Entertainment
Kulczyk Investments
Kuo-Yi Lim
Kuramo Capital
Kurita Water Industries
Kuwait Investment Authority
Kuwait Investment Projects Company
Kuwait Life Sciences Company
KV Asia Capital
Kyosei Ventures
Kyriba Corporation
Kyron Global Accelerator

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  • Focus Only on Best-Aging Products; 
  • Purchasing volume over EUR 368 million a year;
  • 75 Countries are covered;
  • 100% distribution exclusivity;
  • Also co-own and own brands.