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P4G Capital Partners
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PA Angel Network
Pacific Advantage Capital
Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company
Pacific Channel
Pacific Community Ventures
Pacific Equity Partners
Pacific Investment Management Company
Pacific View Asset Management
Padgett Stratemann & Co.
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PAI Partners
Paine Schwartz Partners
Pala Investments
Palamon Capital Partners
Palestine Information & Communications Technology Incubator
Palisade Capital
Palladium Equity Partners
Palm Beach Capital
Palo Alto Investors
Paloma Capital
Palomar Ventures
Pamfleet Group
Pamlico Capital
Pamplona Capital Management
Pan African Capital Group
Pan Agora
Panacea Capital
Panakes Partners
Panda Power Funds
Pangaea Ventures
Panorama Point Partners
Panoramic Growth Equity
Pantera Capital
Pap Efunds
Pappajohn Capital Resources
Pappas Capital
Pappas Ventures
Par Equity
Parabellum Capital
Paradice Investment Management
Paradigm Capital
Paradigm Talent Agency
Paragon Florida
Parallax Capital
Parallel Investment Partners
Parallel49 Equity
Paramount Group
Parcom Capital
Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy
Pareto Securities
Pariveda Investment Management
Park Avenue Capital
Park House Ventures
Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
ParkerGale Capital
Parque Tec
Parquest Capital
Parse Capital
Parsec Financial Management
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Partner Fusion
Partnerinvest Norr
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Pasadena Angels
Pasadera Capital
Passport Capital
Patagon Land
Patagonia Ventures
Pathfinder Partners
Pathlight Capital
Pathway Capital Management
Patient Capital
Patria Investimentos
Patriarch Partners
Patrick Henry
Patrick McGinnis
Patriot Capital
Patriot Financial Partners
Patron Capital Partners
Paua Ventures
Paul Capital
Paul Margolis
Paulson & Co.
Pavonis Inc.
Pay Pal
Pbm Capital Group
PDL Biopharma
Peabody Chase Llc Ny
PeaceTech Accelerator
Peachtree Equity Partners
Peacock Capital
Peak Asset Management
Peak Capital Partners
Peak Venture Capital (Peak Ventures)
PEAK6 Investments
PeakSpan Capital
Peakstone Group
Pear Tree Partners
Pearl Capital Partners
Pearl Energy Investments
Peate Ventures
Pec Investors
Peepul Capital LLC
Peery Partners
Pef Services
Pegasus Capital Advisors
Pei Funds
Pelorus Venture Capital
Peloton Capital
Peloton Equity
Pemberstone Group
Pemberton Capital LLP
Pembroke VCT
Pencarrow Private Equity
Pender West
PenderFund Capital Management
Peninsula Funds
Pennant Equity Partners
Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment
Pension Partners
Penske Media Corporation
Penta Investments
Penta Mezzanine Fund
Pentech Financial Services
Pentech Ventures
People Fund
People Group
People's Bank of China
Pepins Group AB
Peppertree Capital Management
Pepperwood Capital Partners
PEQ Invest
Perceptive Life Sciences
Percipient Capital
Pereg Ventures
Peregrine Group
Peregrine Systems
Perella Weinberg Partners
Perfect World Capital
PerformanceEdge Partners
Perion Investment Fund
Permal Asset Management
Permit Capital
Perot Holdings
Pershing LLC
Peter Boni
Peter Diamandis
Peters & Co.
Peterson Partners
Petra Capital Partners
PetroCap Partners
Petros Partners
PG Impact Investments
PGIM Real Estate
pH Pharma
Pharos Capital Partners
Phd Equity Partners
Phenom Ventures
Phenomenelle Angels
PHI Group
Phi Square Holdings
Phil Haslett
Philip Morris International
Philipp Schroeder
Philips Venture Capital Fund
Philly Startup Leaders
Phin Barnes
Phoenix Capital
Phoenix Venture Partners LLC
PHS Capital
Physic Ventures
Pi Financial Corp.
Pi Ventures
Piedmont Angel Network
Piedmont Capital
Pierpoint Capital
Pilgrim Capital Partners
Pillar Companies
Pillsman Partners
Pilot.Lite Ventures
Pine Brook Partners
Pine Street Capital Partners
PineBridge Investments
Pinetree Capital
Ping An
Pinnacle Capital
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Pinova Capital
Pioneer Business Incubator
Pioneer Capital
Pioneer Foods
Pioneer Square Labs
Pioneer Ventures
Pipeline Angels
Pipeline H2O
Pique Ventures
Piton Capital
Pittsburgh Equity Partners
Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse
Pittsford Ventures Management
Pivot Investment Partners
Pivotal bioVenture Partners
Pivotal Group
Pixel Capital
PJ Tech Catalyst
Pjm Advisors
PJT Partners
Plainfield Asset Management LLC
Plains Angels
Planet N Group of Companies
Plante & Moran PLLC.
Platform Partners
Platinum Capital
Platinum Seed
Plato Investment Management
Plexus Capital
Plug and Play Travel & Hospitality
Plum Tree Partners
PME Investimentos
PNC Erieview Capital
PNC Mezzanine Capital
Pocket Ventures
Pod Investment
Point B Capital
Point Financial Inc.
Point Guard Ventures
Point Nine
Point Nine Capital
Point72 Asset Management
Pointe Capital Management
Polar Capital
Polar Light Capital
Polaris Partners
Pole Capital
Polenta Ventures
Polish Institute of Research and Development
Polymath Ventures
Pomona Capital
Pontos Group
Poplar Ventures
Porsche Automobil Holding
Portfo Lion Kockázati Tőkealap
Portfolio Advisors
Portfolio Ventures
Portland Private Equity
Portland Seed Fund
Portman Asset Finance Ltd
Portobello Capital
Positive Planet
Post Capital
Post Investment Group
Post Oak Energy Capital
Potential Vc
Pouschine Cook Capital Management
Power to Change
Powerhouse Ventures
PowerOne Capital Markets Limited
Powerplant Ventures
Ppl Corporation
PPM America Capital Partners
Ppm Oost
Praesidian Capital
Prager & Co.
Prairie Capital
Prairie Ventures
Pravega Ventures
Precedo Capital Group
Precursor Ventures
Premanco Ventures
Premier Asset Management
Present Your Startup
Presidio Investors
Preston Hollow Capital
Primary Capital
Primary Venture Partners
Prime Capital
Prime Industries
Prime Value Capital Management
Prime Ventures (VC)
Primomiglio SGR SpA
Primus Capital Partners
Primus Venture Partners
Princeton Ventures
Principal Financial Group
Principal Mutual Fund
Principia SGR
Principle Capital Holdings
Prism Capital Corporation
Private Capital Management
Private Capital Networks
Private Equity Firms
Private Equity Holding
Private Equity Ltd
Private Ocean LLC
Privateer Holdings
Priveq Investment
Privet Fund
Privos Capital
Procom Venture As
Procuritas Capital
Prodigy Ventures Inc.
PROfounders Capital
Project A
Prolog Ventures
Prometeia Capital
Prometheus Capital
Prometheus Health Partners LLC
Promus Equity Partners
Promus Ventures
Propel Accelerator
Propel Equity Partners
Propel ICT
Propel Venture Partners
Propeller Investments
Propeller Venture Capital
Prophet Equity
Propulsion Ventures
ProQuest Investments
Prospect Capital Corporation
Prospect Partners
Prosper Women Entrepreneurs
Proterra Investment Partners
Proteus Digital Health
Proton Enterprises
ProVenture Management
Providence Service Corporation
Provident Healthcare Partners
Provident Trust Group
Provider Venture Partners
Proxima Capital Management LLC
Prudential Financial
Pryor Cashman
PS Capital Partners
PSI Capital Inc.
Psilos Group
PSP Capital Partners
Pt Capital
PTV Healthcare Capital
Puissance Capital
Punakaiki Fund
Punter Southall Group
Purdue Research Foundation
Pure Blue Water Innovation Nexus
Purple Angel
Purple Communications
Pushapp Lab
Puthen & Cole
Putnam Retail Management
Pyramis Global Advisors

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  • Focus on Biotech Brands
  • Purchasing volume €368 mln/year
  • 75 Countries
  • 100% distribution exclusivity