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J &J Investments
J. Safra Sarasin
J.C. Flowers & Co.
J.H. Whitney & Co
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
J.W. Childs Associates
J2 Global Inc.
J21 Corporation
Jaarvis Accelerator
Jacana Partners
Jackson Investment Group
Jackson Square Ventures
Jacob Ballas Capital India
Jacobs Asset Management
Jacobs Capital Group
Jacobs Foundation
Jacobs Holding Ag
Jacsten Holdings
Jade Invest
Jado Investment
Jadwa Investments
Jaguar Land Rover
JAIC Asia Capital
James Han
James Joaquin
James Richardson & Sons
James River Capital
Jane Street Capital
Janus Capital Group
Janus Henderson Investors
JANVEST Capital Partners LLC
Japan Airlines (JAL)
Japan Asia Investment
Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Japan Science and Technology Agency
Jardine Matheson Group
Jarlsberg Partners As
Jarvinian Ventures
Jasmine Holdings
Javelin Ventures
Jay Jamison
JB Partners
JCB Investments
JD Capital
JD Finance
Je Dunn Construction
Jefferson Capital Partners
Jeffrey Cohen Optical
Jemekk Capital Management
Jennifer Jones & Partners
Jennison Associates
Jennus Innovation
Jenson Solutions
Jericho Capital
Jerusalem Global Ventures
Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)
Jessica Thorell
Jewish Communal Fund
JF Capital
Jh Partners
Jim Joseph Foundation
Jim McDermott
Jingwei Investments
JiO Technologies Limited
JJ Capital
JJR Capital Corp
Jll Partners
JM Financial
JME Venture Capital
JMH Capital
Jmp Group Llc
Joe Beninato
JOG Capital Inc
Johan Englund
John Connolly
John Frankel
Johns Hopkins University
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Controls International PLC
Johnston Associates
JOIN Capital
Joint Polish Investment Fund
Joint Venture
Jolimont Global Mining Systems
Jollibee Foods
Jon Staenberg
Jonathan Saacks
Jordan Blanchard Capital LLC
Jordan Edmiston Group
Josh Stein
Joshua Partners
Joshua Venture Group
Joy Ventures
Joyal Capital Management
Joyful Frog Digital Innovation
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
JPB Capital Partners
Jpf Ventures
JPMorgan Investment
Js Capital
JSB Partners LLC.
JSR Corp
JTS Capital Group
Juice Tank
Jump Capital
JUMP Investors
Jumpstart Foundry
JumpStart Inc.
Jungle Ventures
Juno Capital Llp
Juno Therapeutics
Jupiter Capital
Jupiter Fund
just capital
JVM Realty Corporation
Jw Hill Capital
Jwi Capital
Jynwel Capital

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  • Focus Only on Best-Aging Products; 
  • Purchasing volume over EUR 368 million a year;
  • 75 Countries are covered;
  • 100% distribution exclusivity;
  • Also co-own and own brands.