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Y Combinator
yabeo capital
Yaletown Partners
Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley
Yankee Hill Capital Management
Yellow Point Equity Partners
Yellow Wood Partners
Yellow&Blue Investment Management
Yenni Capital
Yes Bank
YFM Equity Partners
YFY Inc.
YL Ventures
Yoav Shapira
Yokogawa Electric Corp.
YOLO Leisure and Technology
Yonder & Beyond
Yonghua Capital
York Angels Investors
York Butter Factory
York Capital Management
York Ventures
Yorkshire Association of Business Angels
Yorkshire Bank
Yorkville Advisors
Young & Associates
Young & Rubicam
Young Leaders Club Entrepreneurship
YoungStartup Ventures
Youngstown Business Incubator
Your American Dream Is Our Mission
Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation
Yozma Group
Ys Capital
Ysios Capital
Yuansheng BioVenture
Yukon Partners
YUL Ventures
Yunus Social Business
Yushan Ventures
Yuuwa Capital

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  • Focus Only on Best-Aging Products; 
  • Purchasing volume over EUR 368 million a year;
  • 75 Countries are covered;
  • 100% distribution exclusivity;
  • Also co-own and own brands.