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DARMAN Herbal Tea Stands for Natural Remedy and Longevity

EDNA LLC produces pure herbal teas and various mixtures of herbal tea blends. The company owns the DARMAN brand. The main goal of the company is to ensure that each package of herbal teas offered brings an exquisite aroma with the natural benefits of top-quality herbs in beautiful packaging. Sustainably grown in the mountain of Armenia DARMAN famous herbal infusions are gathered in season, composed and mixed from top quality herbs. All these for an exquisite sipping experience and ultimate health benefits without the throwback of caffeine, present in regular tees. The one of a kind natural environment, Armenian soil, sun and water ensure are unique taste profile and healing qualities of our herbs that are grown at an altitude of 1300-2300 meters above the sea level. DARMAN herbal teas are delicious, pleasant to drink and have long been known for their healing properties, the health benefits of which are scientifically proven at present.


Gumboo Bear All-Natural Hair&Nails Vitamins

Gumboo Bear Hair Gummies is the best natural hair vitamin complex that boosts hair general health stimulating new growth. The focus of Gumboo Bear is to provide a natural vitamin supplement that has quick and real results. It is created both for women and men to grow their hair or tackle common issues such as balding or thinning hair. It's also a great way to combat damage such as hair dye or over-styling with hot tools. Gumboo Bear was created to be free from all nasty additives and chemicals, and have no artificial colours or flavours, thus suitable for Vegans and contain no gelatin or dairy. Gumboo Bear hair vitamins have been formulated for all types of hair and ethnicities. It also works for all skin types - normal, dry, oily, combination or acne-prone. Being cruelty-free Gumboo Bear gummies contain all-natural ingredients such as a mix of Folic Acid, Vitamin C, A, E, B5, and Zinc. They are soft chewing and have a natural delicious fruit flavor that makes it easy and pleasant to take as a daily supplement.


SOVA Natural sweets from fruit

SOVA candies is a new niche brand founded by Olga Shiyan in 2016 and aimed at producing sweet treats from only natural fruits with exclusive and exotic flavors. SOVA Flapjack is a new kind of sumptuous dessert without sugar and harmful additives. All sweets are produced in compliance with a unique technology that allows saving all the vitamins and minerals of fresh fruits. The modern world has divided almost all existing food products into tasty and healthy. Olga is not the first to set the task to bring these two seemingly incompatible categories together. Moreover, Olga managed to do it so elegantly and concisely. SOVA candies are just fruits without extra water and no additives, processed by know-how technology. The company has found a new unique way to create delicious and airy sweets, the consumption of which does not harm human health and even benefits.


VODA UA is the silver-ionized water that cares about you


Shlosem's healthy beverages unique in recipe and content


Dr.Weiler aesthetic taste spray that curbs sweet tooth

ANCIENT Premium & Organic Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals

Ancient Nutraceuticals was founded with the prime focus of extracting natural nutrients hidden in nature, some of which are rare to be found and transforming them into highly nutritious supplements utilizing modern methods that meet the high standards. With the vision of becoming the premier innovative nutraceutical company in the world, Ancient Nutraceuticals ascertains to utilize innovative approaches and latest technology to identify and revive lost Ayurvedic and traditional medical remedies and herbal goodness with the objective of elevating the well-being of mankind. 


Siberian Wild Chaga - Immune System Booster

IC Zolotoi Standart LLC is a leading supplier of a natural, environmentally friendly medicinal product Chaga fungi under the brand name CHAGA GOLD. It is hand-picked in the Ural and Siberian forests which are the natural habitat for medicinal birch fungi called Chaga. Compliance with the technique of collecting raw materials, the right processing technology and a quality approach to packaging allow the company to offer its customers a product with unrivalled healing properties. It's a fact of life that nobody can buy health, but it is possible to strengthen the immune system and slow down the ageing process with the help of Chaga fungi. Healing Chaga has a beneficial effect on the immune system, helps in tissue repair, improves brain activity and saturates the body with microelements crucial for living. Also, the Chaga contains nitrogenous compounds that help cancer patients recover, improving their well-being.


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