SCHAU AUF DI hand-stirred organic skincare


The colorful biodegradable eco toothbrushes from Berlin


SOVA Balanced Ayurveda Hair&Skin Care

Botanetics fresh plant-based natural cosmetics

Botanetics was founded in 2015 and is based near Traunstein in South of Bavaria in Germany. This cosmetic series was born out of longing, in an age in which “luxury” care series are mass-produced in factories and sold in the sober aisles of supermarkets and department stores, where advertising is made with so many promises, which nobody really believes. Botanetics promises its customers something completely new. All products are produced fresh and hand made in a small factory in Odenwald, which is very unique. Feeling comfortable in your own body and using the best skin care is the company's moto. Once you have experienced it, you will not want anything else. All exquisite recipes bring real pleasure for the ultimate, luxurious skin care experience. All Botanetics products are carefully and painstakingly handcrafted applying only the finest exotic and nutrient-rich ingredients from sustainable cultivation. Every single crucible is lovingly made in Germany and filled by hand in small quantities to ensure maximum freshness and effectiveness. The company is eager to develop internationally and stands for fresh botanical cosmetics.

85 days ago

Giardini di Toscana niche perfumery and skincare made in Italy

Giardini di Toscana is a line of designer perfumes made in Italy, which is fully established as "niche perfumery". All the creations stem from emotions, memories, styles, which arise from pure passion. Giardini di Toscana is the result of a natural evolution applied to the creativity of a family-run business, a form of artistic expression that complements other similar expressions. These fragrances draw attention thanks to their aesthetic quality and originality, which is why they are suitable for strong personalities, who are not simply trying to conform to current trends. The keyword for the Giardini di Toscana line is "eco-luxury": luxury products based on organic and environmentally sustainable ingredients, with a great natural value. Today, the topic of sustainability is so important that it is not only a trend anymore but a real must. Translating eco-luxury into a perfume is the real mission for Giardini di Toscana’s fragrances.

85 days ago

Herbal Dynamics Beauty is a synergy of nature and science

Herbal Dynamics Beauty® harnesses the synergy of nature and science to deliver tangible results and real benefits. Making natural, creative and effective personal care products accessible remains the brand's guiding principle. Its diverse, rapidly growing line pairs exciting botanicals like prickly pear, green tea, mango and rose alongside advanced nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamins. Colorful formulas and enjoyable scents emanate from simple, streamlined packaging to place the focus squarely on the benefits and good things within. With HDB customer choses natural ingredients, science-based wellness and gentle but effective products designed to help look and feel better every day.

85 days ago

Bold&Goodly Natural&Organic Skincare


All-natural luxury bath, body and skincare products by MYSIA


Miracle Body a luxury series of natural teas for health and beauty

Suga Buba vegan body care line with 24-karat gold shimmer

Suga Buba is a unique body glow cosmetic from Bulgaria. All products of the brand have a shimmering effect when applied to the skin. The brand philosophy is to produce and distribute 100% vegan-friendly, innovative and luxury cosmetic products on the borderline between body makeup and skincare with 0% parabens, silicones and sulphates. Shimmering products formula totally differ from simple bronzer. It contains white truffle, 24K gold, diamond dust, shea and much more high class nourishing natural ingredients. The products also have an intense scent of cookies and sweet chewing gum that gives the body an appetizing aroma. Suga Buba is forever against animal testing. The outer design is in pure harmony with this philosophy and brings the same joyful, girly feeling as the products themself.

85 days ago

New transformative skincare for those who need a “reset button”

The Cool Derma Company was founded in 2017 by Shidrokh Ghawami an authorized skin care therapist. It offers the innovative and cutting edge science-based skincare series that are aimed to balance the skin and designed for all skin types, ages and genders. Currently, there are two main series of high-performance skincare products called Skinfitness and Skinstamina. The skin is a cool organ and that is where the name Cool Derma comes from. Cool Derma product prices are very customer friendly despite the fact that these high-quality AHA / BHA acid products are manufactured in Sweden using the latest technologies and only natural ingredients. Thanks to smart packaging Cool Derma is portable and easy to use. The Founder is personally involved in the step-by-step sustainable process of skincare products creation, from a selection of ingredient to the final product. The brand is aimed at well-being and lasting transformative results now and for future generations. The main goal is to allow all customers to help with their problem skin, no matter where they live or who they are.


Curativa Bay Proprietary Organic Skincare - The Cure for What Ages You

Curativa Bay is an amazing skincare line that uses mineral-rich ingredients to create affordable, top-quality products. These formulations are designed not only to treat skin conditions but also improve skin health. Curativa Bay skincare line was founded in 2017 on a simple principle of making spa-quality products using only hand-selected organic and wild natural ingredients, sourced in the forest, ocean of the US Pacific Northwest. These ingredients are formulated by Jennifer Bell, Esthetician Skin Care Professional / Spa Owner, and Dr.Alfred Granite, Ph.D. Microbiology. Proprietary Hypochlorous Skin Spray, the highlight of the brand, was clinically tested to improve skin health. The unique formula is based on 100+ year old Breakthrough Technology Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) that in recent years been made stable maintaining its safe and organic status. Curativa's HOCL Mist not only makes the skin feel very soft but speeds up the body's healing process, helping heal cuts, abrasions, burns very quickly.


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