SOVA Balanced Ayurveda Hair&Skin Care


Botanetics fresh plant-based natural cosmetics


Giardini di Toscana niche perfumery and skincare made in Italy

Herbal Dynamics Beauty is a synergy of nature and science

Herbal Dynamics Beauty® harnesses the synergy of nature and science to deliver tangible results and real benefits. Making natural, creative and effective personal care products accessible remains the brand's guiding principle. Its diverse, rapidly growing line pairs exciting botanicals like prickly pear, green tea, mango and rose alongside advanced nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamins. Colorful formulas and enjoyable scents emanate from simple, streamlined packaging to place the focus squarely on the benefits and good things within. With HDB customer choses natural ingredients, science-based wellness and gentle but effective products designed to help look and feel better every day.

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Bold&Goodly Natural&Organic Skincare

Bold&Goodly begins with a discovery that mingles love to the body. Bold&Goodly founder, started to search for a product that actually works on her acne-prone/oily skin while her intent is to find a natural or organic product that is free of synthetics and also helps anti-aging, and thus the story began. The brand lives by its values, that is candid, reliable, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, creative and cares about the customers and their happiness more than anything. All B&G products are curated from the most natural and organic ingredients. All mysteries and aromas of these ingredients are gifted to the body with healing effects. As a brand, B&G vision is to produce real, functional products that really work, and to make its customers happy in terms of the packaging, design and formula. The brand follows the latest innovations and trends in the cosmetics sector, as well as the ecological updates in the world. As a result, each collection is highly effective in treating the problematic skin, protecting the skin against external factors and helping the skin ageing whilst all the products are free of any harmful ingredients.

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All-natural luxury bath, body and skincare products by MYSIA

Welcome to the world of MYSIA naturals. The company is dedicated to giving its customers the best natural bath and body products. The main focus is to use organic and natural ingredients, with no additives and chemicals that can be harmful to humans, animals and all the planet. MYSIA naturals founded by Sinan Ergin, whose aspiration is to design and create the best possible products without causing any harm to human lives and the planet. By adopting this mission, MYSIA naturals became the brand whose priority is giving the best natural products to its customers in the health and wellness industry. The company's vision is to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. The exquisitely hand-crafted products are designed for a much higher purpose than simply keeping the skin clean and hydrated. MYSIA naturals aim to remind every customer to take a moment away from the busy daily life and to relax and enjoy it because MOOD IS EVERYTHING!

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Miracle Body a luxury series of natural teas for health and beauty


Suga Buba vegan body care line with 24-karat gold shimmer


New transformative skincare for those who need a “reset button”

Curativa Bay Proprietary Organic Skincare - The Cure for What Ages You

Curativa Bay is an amazing skincare line that uses mineral-rich ingredients to create affordable, top-quality products. These formulations are designed not only to treat skin conditions but also improve skin health. Curativa Bay skincare line was founded in 2017 on a simple principle of making spa-quality products using only hand-selected organic and wild natural ingredients, sourced in the forest, ocean of the US Pacific Northwest. These ingredients are formulated by Jennifer Bell, Esthetician Skin Care Professional / Spa Owner, and Dr.Alfred Granite, Ph.D. Microbiology. Proprietary Hypochlorous Skin Spray, the highlight of the brand, was clinically tested to improve skin health. The unique formula is based on 100+ year old Breakthrough Technology Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) that in recent years been made stable maintaining its safe and organic status. Curativa's HOCL Mist not only makes the skin feel very soft but speeds up the body's healing process, helping heal cuts, abrasions, burns very quickly.


SELF is a 100% vegan & Halal certified skincare brand

SELF is a 100% vegan skincare line developed especially for the modern skin in mind. It all started when Isabelle discovered that her daughter was suffering from eczema and she could not find 100% natural products that were nourishing, calming and protecting for her skin. Her search culminated in her own skin care line, which is developed together with professional lab technicians and produced in Belgium. All SELF products contain 100% vegan and natural ingredients for long-term protection and hydration. Each product is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, making SELF products safe and suitable for all skin types. SELF uses certified recyclable packaging in order to add the 'natural touch'. The brand has already established its name in Europe and is developing globally.


Andrea Dablander - Natural Organic Care

Andrea Dablander Natural Organic Care is skin care with purely herbal ingredients that let the skin shine in its naturalness. Each product contains the unique, harmonical composition of natural aromas, oils and extracts that make the application a sensual experience. Andrea Dablander is a botanist. Since her youth, she loved to be outdoors in nature, studying plants and their effects on the body - both on the substantial level of oils and extracts and on the sensual level of the aromas via the scent. The harmonious interplay of these two components forms the heart in the development of her skin care products.


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