Hypatia natural products formulated for skin health from the purest ingredients


Dermokil clay-based cosmetics with natural beauty formula rich with minerals & vitamins

Highest quality supplements for health, well-being, weight loss and beauty

Invest in yourself and experience the change. This is the motto of the top quality nutritional supplements develop by the German-based company Die NEMs GmbH. Nutritional supplements are a matter of trust - that's why quality is the company's top priority. Best raw materials, highest bioavailability and certified production, exclusively in Germany, are the basis for a claim to premium quality. The company offers to its customers a well thought-out concept with the highest quality products for health, well-being, weight loss and beauty. They can rely on competence and commitment and check themselves really good products that gain more and more trust of clients countrywide as well as worldwide.

43 days ago

Dolocan®, a Swiss natural CBD based skincare line

Dolocan® is specialized in the application of cannabinoids and stands for a new kind of natural wellness and beauty products that focus on holistic wellbeing. Through innovative and high-quality ingredients, Dolocan® supports healthy and balanced skin. All of the products are exclusively made in Switzerland and are subject to the highest quality standards. With continuous scientific research and innovation, the brand ensures relevance and benefit to today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. All Dolocan® products are vegan, dermatologically tested and contain only the finest natural CBD. With its skin-soothing and skin-caring active ingredients, the CBD skincare line is ideal for sensitive skin, but provides effective benefits for all skin types. Dolocan® – Good Skin, Good Mood, Good Day.

73 days ago

Nu Magic Water science-backed functional drink with nutritional added value

Boring might have been yesterday - now your lifestyle will be colorful! They bang. They’re loud. These celebrate you and your easy drinking fun. That's why they're here, so you can drink easier and experience more magic with Nu Magic® Water. More than H20 - no bullsh*t, no sugar, but 100% drink flow for the recommended daily amount of water. Nu Magic® Water comes without unnecessary fillers, other blah blah, or plastic bottles. It loves simple tap water and becomes a fancy functional drink via multiple shakes in the glass bottle. It takes water to the next level. Thanks to the micronutrient market leader BIOGENA, it heralds a new era with bright colors, refreshing varieties, scientifically proven function, and seamless quality. With the dream team partner of NEOH's secret sugar replacement formula, the sugar drama in the beverage market is solved in the most innovative way. Feel it, taste it, love it.

79 days ago

Kosho Cosmetics innovative Swiss skincare based on Japanese Matcha


Saltee luxury SPF protection skincare


Vegan Fox is a truly vegan and ethical skincare

DiVina Bellezza is an Italian brand of natural wine-based cosmetics

The name of the brand DiVina Bellezza is a wordplay and combination of "Divine beauty" and "Beauty from the wine". The unique cosmetic formula of DiVina Bellezza products are based on Piemaggio red wine, grape stem cells and red organic grape extract, due to which the cosmetics contain a large number of polyphenols, including resveratrol. These components have a positive effect on the skin, promote its regeneration, stimulate collagen production, and have a high antioxidant and anti-age effect. Polyphenols have been shown to be 20 times more effective as antioxidants than vitamin C and 50 times more effective than vitamin E. Tannins, which are found in large quantities in red wine, are natural preservatives, which makes it possible to obtain up to 99% of natural ingredients in cosmetics. Additionally, the cosmetic formulas of the products are enriched with valuable anti-age peptides, hyaluronic acid, oils, vitamins and organic fruit acids. 

81 days ago

All-natural luxury bath, body and skincare products by MYSIA

Welcome to the world of MYSIA naturals. The company is dedicated to giving its customers the best natural bath and body products. The main focus is to use organic and natural ingredients, with no additives and chemicals that can be harmful to humans, animals and all the planet. MYSIA naturals founded by Sinan Ergin, whose aspiration is to design and create the best possible products without causing any harm to human lives and the planet. By adopting this mission, MYSIA naturals became the brand whose priority is giving the best natural products to its customers in the health and wellness industry. The company's vision is to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. The exquisitely hand-crafted products are designed for a much higher purpose than simply keeping the skin clean and hydrated. MYSIA naturals aim to remind every customer to take a moment away from the busy daily life and to relax and enjoy it because MOOD IS EVERYTHING!

81 days ago

SELF is a 100% vegan & Halal certified skincare brand

SELF is a 100% vegan skincare line developed especially for the modern skin in mind. It all started when Isabelle discovered that her daughter was suffering from eczema and she could not find 100% natural products that were nourishing, calming and protecting for her skin. Her search culminated in her own skin care line, which is developed together with professional lab technicians and produced in Belgium. All SELF products contain 100% vegan and natural ingredients for long-term protection and hydration. Each product is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, making SELF products safe and suitable for all skin types. SELF uses certified recyclable packaging in order to add the 'natural touch'. The brand has already established its name in Europe and is developing globally.

81 days ago

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