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WITAL natural tea with refined and exquisite taste

Unrefined Riches Cosmetics for all skin types and tones

Unrefined Riches is a cosmetic for all skin types and tones that was founded in September 2018 by Adelaide Wolters, German-based entrepreneur with Ghanaian roots. Having skin problems since her childhood, she was eager to create such a product that will solve her own problems and fulfill the needs of different skin types. After many years of trials and errors, she suddenly found a perfect combination of ingredients and created bestselling enriched shea cream which fights against pigment spots and impurities. Today, the founder is working on new products. With one product after another, Unrefined Riches offers everyone unlimited and effective care, regardless of ethnicity and the resulting external characteristics. The company mission is to enable people with different skin types, complexions and hair structures to feel comfortable in their skin and to be able to care for it with effective ingredients without any restrictions.

36 days ago

Botanetics fresh plant-based natural cosmetics

Botanetics was founded in 2015 and is based near Traunstein in South of Bavaria in Germany. This cosmetic series was born out of longing, in an age in which “luxury” care series are mass-produced in factories and sold in the sober aisles of supermarkets and department stores, where advertising is made with so many promises, which nobody really believes. Botanetics promises its customers something completely new. All products are produced fresh and hand made in a small factory in Odenwald, which is very unique. Feeling comfortable in your own body and using the best skin care is the company's moto. Once you have experienced it, you will not want anything else. All exquisite recipes bring real pleasure for the ultimate, luxurious skin care experience. All Botanetics products are carefully and painstakingly handcrafted applying only the finest exotic and nutrient-rich ingredients from sustainable cultivation. Every single crucible is lovingly made in Germany and filled by hand in small quantities to ensure maximum freshness and effectiveness. The company is eager to develop internationally and stands for fresh botanical cosmetics.

36 days ago

SOVA Balanced Ayurveda Hair&Skin Care

SOVA is an affordable luxury hair and skincare brand that promises to seed goodness, nourishment and unequivocal beauty into everyday life. Driven by honesty and backed by equal parts nature and modern science, SOVA bottles together the mysteries of Indian Ayurveda and modern research. Part of the same Vedic culture as Yoga, Ayurveda emphasizes on healing, rejuvenating, and maintaining all aspects of health and beauty using nature. SOVA presents a user-friendly face of Ayurveda in sensorial formulations for luxurious performance in daily rituals. Using only clean ingredients from natural sources, every SOVA formula is potentiated with the goodness of therapeutic Ayurvedic botanicals, oils, plant proteins, vitamins, etc. in eco-friendly packaging, supported by rigorous scientific testing like material compatibility and real time shelf life validity, to offer you an uncompromised approach to natural beauty care.

36 days ago

Sanbera – The Purest, Solely Vegan, Complete Dietary Supplement


biOriens organic cosmetics for Boosting Your Beauty


Fruitful cooperation with ROLIPOLI natural bars

Giardini di Toscana niche perfumery and skincare made in Italy

Giardini di Toscana is a line of designer perfumes made in Italy, which is fully established as "niche perfumery". All the creations stem from emotions, memories, styles, which arise from pure passion. Giardini di Toscana is the result of a natural evolution applied to the creativity of a family-run business, a form of artistic expression that complements other similar expressions. These fragrances draw attention thanks to their aesthetic quality and originality, which is why they are suitable for strong personalities, who are not simply trying to conform to current trends. The keyword for the Giardini di Toscana line is "eco-luxury": luxury products based on organic and environmentally sustainable ingredients, with a great natural value. Today, the topic of sustainability is so important that it is not only a trend anymore but a real must. Translating eco-luxury into a perfume is the real mission for Giardini di Toscana’s fragrances.

48 days ago

ananné premium natural skin care

ananné is a Swiss premium natural skincare brand founded in 2009 by Prof. Dr. med. Urs Pohlman and a team of multidisciplinary experts. They were researching the latest scientific findings with regards to the skin and its functions and finally found the perfect combination of nature and science. Today ananné is a highly concentrated plant-based premium skin and body-care with active ingredients derived from nature. It is characterized by innovative product development, the latest know-how in the fields of medicine, herbal medicine and dermatology. The raw materials are purely plant-based, free of synthetic substances and artificial preservatives. ananné skincare is the union of purity, nature, high quality & science with the proven result.

50 days ago

SCHAU AUF DI hand-stirred organic skincare

SCHAU AUF DI is hand-stirred organic skin care founded by Michael Friedl and Christopher Robl in 2017 in the heart of the Austrian Waldviertel Region. The idea behind SCHAU AUF DI skin care was to develop skin care products inspired by nature, full of 100% natural ingredients, organic and to ensure the highest quality. Currently, the company produces only small batches by hand in their own manufactory. All SCHAU AUF DI products reflect values that surround us in nature. The brand is currently presented in Austrian cosmetic salons, online and offline retail chains and organic shops such as Naturkosmetik Josefstadt, Ecco Verde, Sonnentor etc.

50 days ago

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