Nu Magic Water science-backed functional drink with nutritional added value


Cosinuss° in-ear mobile monitoring of vital signs


ifeel research-based Biosense Gaming for Improved Breathing

Owlet can track Baby's Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels

Owlet Baby Care is a health technology company. The company’s flagship product is the Smart Sock Baby Monitor, which uses pulse oximetry technology to track such biomarkers as a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels during sleep. Owlet’s mission is to empower parents with the right information at the right time. The Smart Sock comfortably wraps around baby’s foot to track heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep. The base station glows green to let know everything is okay but notifies with lights and sounds if heart rate or oxygen levels leave preset zones. Parents can see live readings using Owlet’s app but can also use trended sleep data and historical heart and oxygen information using the Connected Care app to improve their baby’s overall wellness.

35 days ago

The CardiacSense: reliable cardiac and blood pressure monitoring

Simple to use, the non-invasive wearable device is worn on the wrist like a regular watch has been developed at CardiacSense. But behind the watch face lies a revolutionary combination of traditional ECG monitoring and state-of-the-art PPG technology. The continuous monitoring works to detect heart arrhythmias which may lead to stroke or cardiac arrest, in time for such an event to be prevented. The CardiacSense watch is currently in the advanced stages of FDA and CE certification. The CardiacSense watch is the most up-to-date, clinically-proven solution in cardiac monitoring. Reliable as it is innovative, it is the revolutionary way to ensure constant monitoring of your patient’s cardiac system and blood pressure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for as long as they need it.

35 days ago

Cardiomo remote health monitoring

The device that can help detect signs of a heart attack and alert the user was developed by Cardiomo.  Over 17 million people die from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) annually according to the global medical statistic. The World Health Organization believes up to 80% of them could have been saved if their conditions were detected in time. Cardiomo wearable technology provides 24/7 monitoring of heart vitals and helps detect a possible stroke or heart attack within 2 hours. The idea of creating Cardiomo came up with a simple wish to take care of relatives despite being far from each other. The company's team consists of engineers, cardiologists, designers and managers with different background and experience. They are driven by the idea of possibility to save millions of lives.

36 days ago

KT Tape: an elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles


Higher Education Skincare with the next generation in mind


Gumboo Bear All-Natural Hair&Nails Vitamins

VODA UA is the silver-ionized water that cares about you

VODA UA is Ukrainian water that has a unique chemical composition, containing silver ions, which makes the water clean, tasty and highly useful. The water is produced by Mineralni Vody Karpat TOV. Extracted from one of the purest sources in Ukraine, VODA UA identifies as a 100% natural water. It is bottled without any physical and chemical corrections. Naturally, clean water sources are located in the heart of Ukraine, Cherkassy region, called "Little Carpathians". The unique ecological conditions and the exceptionally valuable water sources are highly recognized in Ukraine and around the world. The company provides the still water and sparkling water in the glass bottles, and in PET bottles. Furthermore, such water does not contain any chemical and artificial adding.

39 days ago

ANCIENT Premium & Organic Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals

Ancient Nutraceuticals was founded with the prime focus of extracting natural nutrients hidden in nature, some of which are rare to be found and transforming them into highly nutritious supplements utilizing modern methods that meet the high standards. With the vision of becoming the premier innovative nutraceutical company in the world, Ancient Nutraceuticals ascertains to utilize innovative approaches and latest technology to identify and revive lost Ayurvedic and traditional medical remedies and herbal goodness with the objective of elevating the well-being of mankind. 

45 days ago

Wholesome delicious dietry food

Velnfood Company is widely represented in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. It creates dietary products, as well as nutrition for diabetics and athletes in a very wide range. Currently, there are more than 120 products in the company's portfolio. The customers are people who decide to monitor their health and nutrition, actively engage in sports, as well as those who control blood sugar. It is important for Velnfood Company that a person who has chosen a new lifestyle for himself does not feel discomfort when changing a diet. Regardless of the reasons, the company wants to maintain the familiar taste of products and variety in the diet. All products that it produces are high-quality, healthy, have a low glycemic index, and a natural composition.

45 days ago

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