Herbal Dynamics Beauty is a synergy of nature and science


Bold&Goodly Natural&Organic Skincare


Miracle Body a luxury series of natural teas for health and beauty

New transformative skincare for those who need a “reset button”

The Cool Derma Company was founded in 2017 by Shidrokh Ghawami an authorized skin care therapist. It offers the innovative and cutting edge science-based skincare series that are aimed to balance the skin and designed for all skin types, ages and genders. Currently, there are two main series of high-performance skincare products called Skinfitness and Skinstamina. The skin is a cool organ and that is where the name Cool Derma comes from. Cool Derma product prices are very customer friendly despite the fact that these high-quality AHA / BHA acid products are manufactured in Sweden using the latest technologies and only natural ingredients. Thanks to smart packaging Cool Derma is portable and easy to use. The Founder is personally involved in the step-by-step sustainable process of skincare products creation, from a selection of ingredient to the final product. The brand is aimed at well-being and lasting transformative results now and for future generations. The main goal is to allow all customers to help with their problem skin, no matter where they live or who they are.


Curativa Bay Proprietary Organic Skincare - The Cure for What Ages You

Curativa Bay is an amazing skincare line that uses mineral-rich ingredients to create affordable, top-quality products. These formulations are designed not only to treat skin conditions but also improve skin health. Curativa Bay skincare line was founded in 2017 on a simple principle of making spa-quality products using only hand-selected organic and wild natural ingredients, sourced in the forest, ocean of the US Pacific Northwest. These ingredients are formulated by Jennifer Bell, Esthetician Skin Care Professional / Spa Owner, and Dr.Alfred Granite, Ph.D. Microbiology. Proprietary Hypochlorous Skin Spray, the highlight of the brand, was clinically tested to improve skin health. The unique formula is based on 100+ year old Breakthrough Technology Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) that in recent years been made stable maintaining its safe and organic status. Curativa's HOCL Mist not only makes the skin feel very soft but speeds up the body's healing process, helping heal cuts, abrasions, burns very quickly.


Andrea Dablander - Natural Organic Care

Andrea Dablander Natural Organic Care is skin care with purely herbal ingredients that let the skin shine in its naturalness. Each product contains the unique, harmonical composition of natural aromas, oils and extracts that make the application a sensual experience. Andrea Dablander is a botanist. Since her youth, she loved to be outdoors in nature, studying plants and their effects on the body - both on the substantial level of oils and extracts and on the sensual level of the aromas via the scent. The harmonious interplay of these two components forms the heart in the development of her skin care products.


EVAH FOODS natural anti-aging superfood organic powders


OZONE GOLD natural ozonized cosmetics & supplements


Unrefined Riches Cosmetics for all skin types and tones

biOriens organic cosmetics for Boosting Your Beauty

The Munich cosmetic label biOriens with roots in Morocco used up itself completely the healthy and sustainable beauty. More and more people want to treat themselves fairly and sustainably with natural, genuine active ingredients. biOriens serves this need with a high-quality care line, in which modern knowledge unites with traditional methods of the Moroccan Berber, which set since primeval times in the nutrition and skin care on oils. The basis of the care products are high-quality vegetable oils, whose effectiveness is protected and continuously revitalized by a special biophotonic glass bottle. Argan oil, omega oil and prickly pear seed oil in organic quality ensure a radiant, natural and vital appearance and prevent skin aging. They also show excellent improvements for skin problems. Their positive effect on skin health has been proven in scientific studies.


Go Foods healthy nutrition for a healthy lifestyle

GO FOODS is a company dedicated to the production of healthy high-quality wholesome food. The company has been on the market since 2017. At the moment, the company is a manufacturer of 2 trademarks. Granolife, a cereal baked with honey with the addition of nuts, dried fruits and freeze-dried berries, presented in 4 flavors. OCTA is a nutritious drink based on New Zealand protein and milk, one serving of which replaces a full meal. Formulated using only high-quality ingredients from New Zealand, Germany and France. Our own production facility, located in the Kaluga Region, ensures maximum efficiency, the necessary flexibility and continuity of all work processes. During its work, the company managed to acquire a number of large and reliable local partners, including X5 Retail Group, Magnit, Dixy Group, Lenta, Okey, Billa, Azbuka Vkusa, Miratorg and others. The company is highly competitive in terms of price and quality of products and is ready to conquer the global retail of healthy food.


KLATZ For Professional Oral Care

KLATZ is a brand of toothpastes and toothbrushes, made to satisfy all needs in oral care for all ages. Active components prevent diseases of the oral cavity, remove plaque and provide fresh breath. With qualitative ingredients, modern technologies and special recipes KLATZ guarantees effective hygiene and gentle care every day. Regular use of KLATZ makes enamel strong and minimizes the risk of bacterial plaque. The toothpaste provides prevention of caries, gum disease and provides long-lasting refreshing effect. For complete oral care and health, the experts recommend alternation between toothpastes with calcium and fluoride, plus fluoride-free if recommended by a dentist. The innovative KLATZ formula contains unique dioxide particle ratio silicon, providing at medium abrasive paste (RDA 75) maximum effective mechanical removal of bacterial plaque and polishing enamel without damage to the protective layer.


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